Inflation and its effect on used asset prices

With the recent news that inflation is expected by the Bank of England to finally come down towards its target rate of 2% per annum in the near future (a target that has stayed the same for a long as I can remember, incidentally, and I can’t help but wonder whether the criteria for this target is ever reviewed!), one would hope that the inflationary increases in the cost of […]

Posted on 4th April 2024 by Amy

Fair Value vs Historic Cost Depreciation

When producing balance sheets for financial statements, companies are required to place a value on their assets. Doing so accurately is important, as under or overstating financial position can have costly consequences by leading to ill informed decision making. It stands to reason that only when directors have accurate knowledge about their company’s finances, can they make informed and considered decisions. In the main, there are two methods for valuing […]

Posted on 23rd February 2024 by Amy

UK car sales – is the Covid-19 hangover finally over?

Like countless other industries across much of the world, the UK market for new cars was decimated during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns and economic uncertainty crushed the demand for new cars, with Sky News reporting that new car sales fell 29% from 2019 to 2020, which represented the biggest annual slump since 1943 – when the industry was repurposed for the war effort. For long periods, the manufacturing of new […]

Posted on 27th October 2023 by Amy

Justification of the reducing balance approach to depreciation

Marriott & Co. have long espoused that, other than the early part of its useful life, which is when the value of machinery typically decreases most rapidly (the old adage that once you drive a new car off the forecourt it loses around 20% of its value is, perhaps, not as far from reality as one might expect), the majority of plant & machinery’s market value tends to depreciate at […]

Posted on 22nd September 2023 by Amy

We value the relationship

It’s the relationship which holds the value…   We were delighted to hear from an old client for whom we undertook a valuation of their printing plant & machinery in Birmingham some 23 years ago.   Within a matter of days from the instruction a fresh valuation was carried out, which contained much of the equipment we first visited in 1998!   This case demonstrates the considerable goodwill and professional […]

Posted on 12th September 2020 by Amy
Will the demise of Carillion affect train projects?

The Carillion Collapse

The recent Compulsory Liquidation of Carillion was a complete shock to the UK economic and political system. It has been reported that Carillion’s involvement in low margin fixed price contracts (mainly with the Government), and a resulting inability to remain profitable when problems occurred, was the significant reason behind its failure. The ‘chattering classes’ will inevitably focus on such issues and who is to blame for the current situation, demanding […]

Posted on 24th January 2018 by Amy

2017 – What we’ve been up to so far

                                 The Disposals team here at Marriott & Co. aren’t sure where 2017 has gone. In fact, we have been so busy, we’re afraid that blog writing has rather gone out the window! But, we think it is about time we got around to telling everyone what we’ve been up to this year. A number of online business asset auctions, private treaty sales and business sales have been keeping us […]

Posted on 20th October 2017 by Amy

Bases and Methods of Valuation for Plant & Machinery

The basis of valuation for a machinery valuation could be Market Value, Equitable Value or Fair Value. Each of these three bases has its own definition.  The basis of valuation is determined by the purpose of valuation, for example if the purpose of the exercise is to ascertain an expected selling / asking price on the open market, then Market Value is the appropriate basis. However, if a closed (private […]

Posted on 2nd August 2017 by Amy

Why Insurance Valuations Matter to Your Business

How much would it cost to reinstate your business in the event of a loss? It is both surprising and alarming how many business owners cannot answer this question with confidence. Have you considered the indemnity period you will require, the effect Brexit and the fall of the pound will have on importing your replacement plant and machinery, the changes in your stock level since you last renewed your business […]

Posted on 17th February 2017 by Amy

Is Valuation an Art or a Science?

This is an age old question pondered by valuation experts many times over. I believe that most valuers tend to err on the side of valuation being an art rather than a science, mainly on the basis that it requires judgment and is a statement of opinion not fact. However, I believe it is reasonable to disagree with the proposition that valuation is an art not a science to some […]

Posted on 19th September 2016 by Amy