Fair Valuations (for Financial Statement Purposes)


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We also conduct balance sheet and financial statement valuations or revaluations of company assets in compliance with the International Valuation Standards for Financial Reporting.

Financial Reporting Standard (FRS) 15 was superseded by FRS 102 section 17: ‘Property, Plant and Equipment’, under which Directors may be wise to adopt a revaluation model for their fixed assets to ensure they are reflected at Fair Value on their balance sheet. Many companies still rely on historical cost accounting which does not account for changes in the value of money, nor for the changes in the value of fixed assets. Marriott & Co. are able to survey your fixed assets and provide a cost effective valuation of them which can then be reviewed on a desktop basis for up to five years before a fresh site survey is recommended.

We also offer contents insurance assessments which can be very cost effectively combined with a balance sheet asset valuation. An added benefit of both these services (insurance and balance sheet valuations) is that they provide the company with a comprehensive asset / contents schedule which can be relied on for other purposes.

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