Overtime Bidding – Hard Closing, Soft Closing and Extension Periods

Since Marriott & Co. started using Online Auctions, we have run the auctions with a “soft close” that is to say that there is overtime bidding, if a bid is received within the last ten minutes of a lot closing then the closing time of the lot will extend by ten minutes ad infinitum. This is different to a “hard closing auction” where the closing time is fixed and does […]

Posted on 9th February 2024 by Amy

Ensuring the Safe Removal of Assets After a Sale

When it comes to asset sales, the thrill of closing a deal can be exhilarating. However, once the ink has dried, it’s crucial not to overlook the often underestimated step of overseeing the safe removal of assets. At Marriott & Co., we understand the significance of this phase, ensuring that proper procedures are in place to protect both buyers and sellers. 1. Valuing Your Assets: Before any sale process even […]

Posted on 17th November 2023 by Amy

Third Party Risk Management

In just one week, two of our major and trusted suppliers have, for differing reasons, advised that their software platforms are closing and they can no longer supply services to us. This is a blow to say the least, as their services have supported our business over many years, helping to enable the efficient and comprehensive service that we provide to our clients. We were at least very grateful to […]

Posted on 20th October 2023 by Amy

Recipes saved

When we were approached by a distressed bespoke London distillery, Marriott & Co.’s marketing team went on the hunt for a buyer of its exclusive brands. Having negotiated with several interested parties we successfully sold the brand names, recipes and other intellectual property to a major online wine and spirit retailer who are looking to move the brands forward. We also managed the successful sales of the distillery equipment and […]

Posted on 3rd November 2022 by Amy

Today’s Printing Industry

Since our founder, Mr Marriott, began his surveying life specialising in the printing industry, Marriott & Co. has witnessed a slow decline in the global printing industry. Long life heavy-duty lithographic printing presses (and other traditional printing equipment) have been replaced with modern digital printing machines, including toner and inkjet machines, which typically depreciate very quickly and become obsolete within a few years. We had the pleasure last spring of […]

Posted on 6th July 2022 by Amy

Successful sawmill sale

During the pandemic we were instructed by a Director, looking forward to retirement, to dispose of his esteemed sawmilling equipment and stock. Once we had catalogued over 370 lots of machinery and wood flooring the marketing began. With 500 new bidders registered we suspected our targeted marketing would be successful and we were right. 13,750 bids later, the sale finally closed at 7.30pm after over five hours of bidding extensions […]

Posted on 29th June 2022 by Amy

Flying High

When a flying school in the south of England went into liquidation Marriott & Co. were asked to assist with a sale of the school’s assets which included a 1980 Cessna F152 aeroplane. Our client being an expert in the field, noted that the training goggles in our sale were in fact foggles, used to simulate foggy conditions for the wearer! With bespoke and tailored marketing, the result from our […]

Posted on 26th January 2022 by Amy

An additional 5 hours of bidding

We were instructed to provide a valuation for a kitchen and bathroom design and installation company and then dispose of the company’s assets. We held an online auction of the display and trading stock.  After a busy marketing period and viewing day, the auction was a huge success, scheduled to end at 3pm, with overtime bidding the auction ran on an additional five hours! For further information about our valuation […]

Posted on 3rd November 2021 by Amy

Plans change but the results were fabulous

Marriott & Co. handled an interesting case where a private, hospitality client had purchased the assets from the Administrator of a top London digital printing company. The client planned to use the assets to create the graphics ‘in-house’ for their various ventures, hotels and clubs. Their plans changed and we were instructed by the client to arrange a well marketed online auction with fabulous results. For further information about our […]

Posted on 6th October 2021 by Amy

The difficult we do immediately….

Here’s a little insight into the way we work. Our client’s purchase of a printing company was conditional upon a valuation of the company’s production plant and equipment. As we retain a specialisation in the printing industry’s assets, we were perfectly placed to provide the valuation, but we were naturally concerned to learn that the site inspections of over twenty machines at three locations and the valuation researches and report […]

Posted on 7th December 2020 by Amy