Ensuring the Safe Removal of Assets After a Sale

When it comes to asset sales, the thrill of closing a deal can be exhilarating. However, once the ink has dried, it’s crucial not to overlook the often underestimated step of overseeing the safe removal of assets. At Marriott & Co., we understand the significance of this phase, ensuring that proper procedures are in place to protect both buyers and sellers.

1. Valuing Your Assets:
Before any sale process even commences, it’s essential to assess the value of your assets accurately. This step is vital to determine the fair market price, enabling you to negotiate a better deal with potential buyers. At Marriott & Co., our experts specialize in valuing business assets, helping you get the most out of your sale.

2. Proper Disassembly and Packaging:
The safe removal of assets involves more than just a forklift and a loading dock. It requires meticulous planning and execution. Our team requires that method statements are provided and ensures that all assets are disassembled, packaged, and loaded properly by competent contractors, to prevent accidents, damage and ensure safe transport. From industrial machinery to office equipment, we ensure each item is handled with care by your chosen contractors.

3. Compliance with Regulations:
Selling assets often involves navigating a web of regulations, including environmental standards, health and safety guidelines, and industry-specific rules. Marriott & Co. takes pride in our commitment to compliance. We have the expertise to ensure that all removal procedures align with relevant regulations, preventing potential accidents and legal pitfalls.

In conclusion, a successful asset sale doesn’t end with a handshake and a signed contract. To safeguard the personnel on site and your interests, and thereby maintain a positive reputation, overseeing the safe removal of assets is paramount. Marriott & Co. specializes in managing this critical phase, ensuring that proper procedures are in place to protect both buyers and sellers.

When you choose Marriott & Co., you’re not just selling assets; you’re securing a comprehensive solution that guarantees the safe and efficient removal of your valuable possessions.

Manish Gurung, Graduate Asset Surveyor, Marriott & Co.