Flying High

When a flying school in the south of England went into liquidation Marriott & Co. were asked to assist with a sale of the school’s assets which included a 1980 Cessna F152 aeroplane. Our client being an expert in the field, noted that the training goggles in our sale were in fact foggles, used to simulate foggy conditions for the wearer! With bespoke and tailored marketing, the result from our […]

Posted on 26th January 2022 by Amy

An additional 5 hours of bidding

We were instructed to provide a valuation for a kitchen and bathroom design and installation company and then dispose of the company’s assets. We held an online auction of the display and trading stock.  After a busy marketing period and viewing day, the auction was a huge success, scheduled to end at 3pm, with overtime bidding the auction ran on an additional five hours! For further information about our valuation […]

Posted on 3rd November 2021 by Amy

Plans change but the results were fabulous

Marriott & Co. handled an interesting case where a private, hospitality client had purchased the assets from the Administrator of a top London digital printing company. The client planned to use the assets to create the graphics ‘in-house’ for their various ventures, hotels and clubs. Their plans changed and we were instructed by the client to arrange a well marketed online auction with fabulous results. For further information about our […]

Posted on 6th October 2021 by Amy

The difficult we do immediately….

Here’s a little insight into the way we work. Our client’s purchase of a printing company was conditional upon a valuation of the company’s production plant and equipment. As we retain a specialisation in the printing industry’s assets, we were perfectly placed to provide the valuation, but we were naturally concerned to learn that the site inspections of over twenty machines at three locations and the valuation researches and report […]

Posted on 7th December 2020 by Amy

We value the relationship

It’s the relationship which holds the value…   We were delighted to hear from an old client for whom we undertook a valuation of their printing plant & machinery in Birmingham some 23 years ago.   Within a matter of days from the instruction a fresh valuation was carried out, which contained much of the equipment we first visited in 1998!   This case demonstrates the considerable goodwill and professional […]

Posted on 12th September 2020 by Amy

An accurate valuation is king

It is the Director’s role to take care of a company’s and its shareholders’ business assets – including a declaration to Insurers as to the correct sums for which all tangible assets should be covered.  In order to avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of under-insurance, this must be correct – the responsibility for which can be passed to a professional Valuer. Insurance Valuers themselves need Professional Indemnity cover. In the […]

Posted on 12th May 2020 by Amy

All aboard

Instructed by the Liquidator of a West Sussex travel company, we undertook a RICS valuation and subsequently an online auction of its buses and coaches. Having witnessed the tremendous auction results including certain vehicles being sold and exported to Ireland, we were contacted by a private client to sell their buses and coaches from their site in Croydon.   For further information about our services, click here.

Posted on 12th March 2020 by Amy

An honour for Marriott & Co.

An invitation to act as an Expert Witness in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules is both an honour and a worry. It is an honour because our reputation and personal CVs will have been scrutinised, and a worry because we know our report is likely to be challenged by one party or the other – and may result in a court attendance to defend our conclusions. Our reports are […]

Posted on 28th January 2020 by Amy

Neither Shaken nor Stirred

Whilst recently holidaying in Portugal, I found myself one damp lunchtime sipping a rather potent ‘007 Martini’ in the opulent ‘spies bar’ at the Hotel Palacio in Estoril, my mind drifting into Bond film memories of double agents, casinos and Aston Martins. Apart from it being a wonderful destination, I am here because this hotel’s image is on the front cover of a book currently being read by my partner […]

Posted on 1st October 2019 by Amy

From Tear Drops to The Shard

Having been instructed to find buyers for two major glass tempering plants in the last year, it is not unreasonable to consider ourselves well experienced in valuing and selling glass processing machinery. The first assignment took us into Kent and we undertook a RICS valuation of the business and assets, it was hoped that a buyer for this whole glass processing facility might be found. After much negotiation and deliberation, […]

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