Procedure for an Online Auction

The vast majority of our sales are now Online Auctions. Similar to a live on-site auction, save that prospective purchasers bid via the internet. Reaching the end of the period during which bids for the lots may be made signifies acceptance of the Buyer’s bid and the creation of a contract. To submit online bids: visit, select the relevant sale, register your details in order to bid, read, understand and accept the conditions of sale and finally place your bids.

Automatic increment bidding is enabled on our online sales. Placing the maximum amount you are willing to bid on a particular lot will not necessarily become the current bid. If you bid £100 on a lot with a current bid of £50, your bid will beat the £50 by the increment specified by the system. If another places, or has already placed a higher bid, then the system will automatically bid for you up to your maximum of £100.

The close time of an online auction will extend by ten minutes if there are bids still being placed in the last ten minutes of the sale. Unlike Ebay this allows fair placement of bids by all bidders, it eliminates the ability of ‘auction sniping’ in the last few seconds. Bidding with finally close on a lot either at its close time or ten minutes after the last bid is received following the close time.

Marriott & Co. will contact the successful bidder and then forward an invoice for payment.