The right time of year to be at Denmans Garden – until the regulars arrived for their afternoon tea!

Our client was delighted with the much better than expected realisation of Denmans Garden in April – and there could have been no better time than spring in England to be offering quality garden paraphernalia for sale by online auction.

In addition to the statues, garden furniture, ornaments, plants, the contents of the shop and restaurant, there was an extensive array of catering equipment and even a powerful generator complete with its fuel tank.

We were overseeing the removal of lots from Denmans – and quietly basking in the success of our efforts – when a delegation of regular customers arrived to enjoy their first afternoon tea of the season at the Denmans Garden restaurant. To cut a long story short – there were tears!

Our team are very good at selling business assets, but not as successful at rustling up cream teas!